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Eliquis (apixaban) HALF-LIFE & Excretion

ELIQUIS has low renal excretion1

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  • ELIQUIS has multiple routes of elimination1
  • Of the administered ELIQUIS dose in humans, approximately 25% was recovered as metabolites, with the majority recovered in faeces1
  • Additional contributions from biliary and direct intestinal excretion were observed in clinical and non-clinical studies, respectively1
  • Renal excretion of ELIQUIS accounts for approximately 27% of total clearance1

ELIQUIS has a half-life of approximately 12 hours1

With a half-life of 12 hours, ELIQUIS twice-daily dosing gives your patients stable coverage throughout the day.1,2


ELIQUIS is available for your patients with NVAF1

ELIQUIS is available for your patients with DVT / PE1

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DVT = Deep Vein Thrombosis   
NVAF = Non-Valvular AF   
PE = Pulmonary Embolism


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