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PK / PD profile

The pharmacodynamic effects of ELIQUIS are reflective of the mechanism of action (factor Xa inhibition)1

 ELIQUIS is rapidly absorbed with maximum concentrations (Cmax) appearing 3–4 hours after tablet intake (taken with or without food)1

The absolute bioavailability of ELIQUIS is approximately 50% for doses up to 10 mg.

ELIQUIS demonstrates linear pharmacokinetics with dose proportional increases in exposure for oral doses up to 10 mg.

At doses ≥25 mg, ELIQUIS displays dissolution-limited absorption with decreased bioavailability.

ELIQUIS exposure parameters exhibit low to moderate variability reflected by a within-subject and inter-subject variability of ~20% CV and ~30% CV, respectively.

Further information on the absorption of ELIQUIS is available in the SmPC.


ELIQUIS is an oral, direct and highly selective factor Xa inhibitor1

The approved indications for ELIQUIS are based on a robust clinical trial programme1

It’s simple to switch your patients to ELIQUIS1

Purple information icon ELIQUIS (apixaban) SmPC

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AUC = Area Under Curve   
BCRP = Breast Cancer Resistance Protein   
CYP = Cytochrome P   
CV = Cardiovascular   
ESRD = End-Stage Renal Disease   
PD = Pharmacodynamic   
PK = Pharmacokinetic   
P-gp = P-glycoprotein   
Vss = Volume of Distribution


  1. ELIQUIS® (apixaban) Summary of Product Characteristics.